Cane Sugars Remain Undefeated Since 2011

The Reef City Roller Girls intraleague season got underway at the weekend as the new look Cane Sugars and Monsoon Maidens rolled onto the derby track for the first time in 2012 in "Mama Said Knock You Bout!".

The Cane Sugars, having lost several members, were bolsted recently as recent Fresh Meat members were inducted into the team. The Monsoon Maidens line up remained relatively unchanged since 2011 and the Maidens were determined to bring the fight.

The smack talk started early with Monsoon Maidens Captain 9.mmel exclaiming that "This year, the Monsoon Maidens will reign."

The Monsoon Maidens took an early lead with some superb jamming from Pablo Kickasso but it was short lived as the Cane Sugars stalwarts LamBikini and Dirty Birdy stepped up early in the first half.

The Monsoon Maidens not to be outdone, pulled off an outstanding show, with 9.mmel, Bible BasHER and Machete Confetti all stepping up to the jammer line. The Cane Sugars also found strength with Manslaughda and Smiling Chaos racking up the points as the teams went neck and neck early in the first.

Several major penalties later however and the tide had turned with the Sugars taking the lead 66 to 34 with around 10 minutes of the first half to go. Pablo Kickasso was sent to the bin and was awarded 3 concurrent majors for backchatting the officials, the Sugars took advantage of the situation and had a commanding lead, 119 to 74 at the half time break.

The crowd was amped up by the fantastic MC-ing of Odd Sox who invited several audience members to participate in roller girl bowling and a funny blind-folded "find the skate" competition. The winners walking away with some goodies.

The second half got underway as the Monsoon Maidens fired up, a hard knock sent Killer Bones falling to the floor, copping a skate to the face for her efforts. She was checked out by the paramedics and got back into the action 3 jams later.

The Maidens made quick points, bringing the deficit 126 to 100 early on in the second half. The points went blow for blow as the jammers wrangled for lead position with the score edging closer with 15 minutes to go the Cane Sugars holding onto the lead 137 to 115.

Some quick jamming from Pablo Kickasso and 9.mmel brought the score closer, 158 to 132 with only 8 minutes to go.

It was not to be however, with the Cane Sugars ultimately holding out, the final score 174 to 158.

MVP for the Cane Sugars went to Dirty Birdy, MVP for the Monsoon Maidens to DiePolar Bitch and the "Diva Award" given to Manslaughda of the Cane Sugars.

Several members made their debut appearance; Rika-Shay Reaper, Sparky Brick Hit House and Wyk'd Sphynx for the Cane Sugars and Kathaclysm for the Monsoon Maidens.

Big thanks to our game night major sponsors: Roland Graf's Auto Centre, Plan Man, Carlos Computers and Matchport Material Handling.

Also big thanks to our minor sponsors and prize donators: Mr Rental, Vibe Bar,, Cairns Mountain Bike Tours, Hit & Miss Magazine, Compound Skate, Luna De Sangre Designs, Harlequinn and Muse, Body and Beauty Unlimited, and Bunnings Warehouse.