September Dismember Goes Off!

Saturday 17th of September saw the Reef City Rollergirls hold our 3rd intraleague bout of the season between the Monsoon Maidens and Cane Sugars in September Dismember at the Cairns Recreation Centre. Nearly 400 fans filled the seats in what was tipped to be one of the closest bouts this season and they weren’t disappointed.

Coming into the bout, the team line-ups had been reorganised with the Monsoon Maidens gaining star Jammer Megalingus from the Cane Sugars. Several new faces also rolled onto the track in their debut appearances; Smiling Chaos and Slambo for the Cane Sugars and Ree-Possessed, Lethal VonSmack, Jen A Cide and Smashin’ Pinkbits for the Monsoon Maidens.

LamBikini also returned to the Cane Sugars after coming back from injury sustained earlier in the year and Killer Bones was back in action for the Monsoon Maidens after maternity rest.

Competition was fierce from the outset as Beth Adder, PollyWanna-Smasha and LamBikini quickly racked up the points for the Cane Sugars early in the first half. Not to be outdone, Megalingus, 9mmel and Power Ranga also put quick points on the board for the Monsoon Maidens, keeping the difference between the two teams within close reach.

The hip checks came hard and fast with PollyWanna-Smasha sending Malice’n’Mayhem flying into the suicide seating, narrowly missing referee White Pointer close to the end of the first half.

The second half saw the Monsoon Maidens claw back their first half deficit to come within biting distance of the Cane Sugars. But it was not to be, with the Cane Sugars winning in the closest home bout yet, 157 to 123.

MVP for the Cane Sugars was awarded to Dirty Birdy and MVP for the Monsoon Maidens went to Megalingus.

The boys from King Palmer entertained the crowd at half time and even rocked out with an original song composed just for the rollergirls.

Thanks to Pablo Kickasso and J-Rad for their great MC work and keeping the crowd up to date during the game.

A big thankyou to our game day major sponsors, Roland Graf’s Auto Centre and Visual Obsession.

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Our next home bout is on Saturday October 22nd. Stay tuned for details.